Friday, January 14, 2011

You've got 99 problems...

...out of 100 on the lab exam :)

Hello there! and welcome to the Biology 210 blog. We are Yee Sing Ong and Midy Liou
 and we are student from the University of British Columbia and taking the same course, Biology210, as you. We have a passion for creating course blogs; mostly with the intention of sharing pictures and their descriptions that were encountered during the hands-on labs. This will be the second course blog that Yee Sing will have participated in (third for Midy). The other two being the Biology 324 and Biology 343 blog sites: 
We look forward to updating this blog every week. If you feel the urge to add to the blog ( your pictures and descriptions or point out an error) - please feel free to contact Yee Sing (abc[at] or Midy (midy_0831[at] and we will be happy to share your materials. Also, have fun and leave your comments below.

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